Parliament Protesters Banned

Normally Senate debates are a snooze fest. Even debates on something as controversial as the Budget. But last Thursday, October 26th, the Senate became the site of a fiery protest as employees of the gambling industry caused a huge uproar during the closing remarks of the Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Allyson West

Members of the public gallery had to be restrained and escorted out of the Parliament’s Chambers in Tower D after they hurled abuse and insults at Minister West and other members of the government present in the Senate. Looking on were members of the Opposition and Independent benches as well as Office of the Parliament employees.
Maxine Gonzales and Robert Sagramsingh are now banned from the precincts of Parliament, having breached the House of Representatives Act which indicates they may have committed assault in the House.

Seems they got off lightly with the ban, according to the House of Representatives Act they could have faced fines and a stint in prison.

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