Carmona drags his feet on Procurement Regulator appointment

What gives, Mr President? Why yuh sticking?

At every turn with a public project and the spending of public monies procurement is an issue. The #FerryTales fiasco with the Ocean Flower and Cabo Star is probably the latest example of how poor procurement can land us in hot water, hurt citizens and waste money. So you’d think that with the recent passing of the Procurement Bill in the Lower and Upper Houses of Parliament that we would have law enacted by now?

Nope. Nerp. Not even. Why, you ask?

Well I am happy to tell you that the hold up is President Carmona, who seems to be dragging his feet with the appointment of a Regulator of Procurement. Filling this post is important for the law to be properly in effect. And so projects come, projects go, into the hands of contractors, and no Procurement Regulator.

The MoF had to remind us today exactly who is playing the fool with enacting our laws. Ball in your court, Mr President!

It has gotten so irritating that even the Ministry of Finance had to remind us today that the Office of the President is shirking its duties because all responsibility for the appointment the regulator lies with President Carmona. September 1st was the closing date for applications. To date no one knows if President Carmona has so much as generated a short list of potentual candidates, far less zeroed in on a potential candidate.

JCC Chairman James Armstrong

Maybe if Carmona spent less time throwing lavish parties every weekend at NAPA and more time examining CVs we might see progress. Or maybe the JCC needs to find its voice and testicular fortitude again…maybe…

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