Ramlogan bats for Moonilal in EMBD civil suit

Following the announcement that EMBD had taken civil action against him and a group of favoured contractors, MP Moonilal issued this statement:

November 21, 2017.





On Monday November 20, 2017, I became fully aware of a High Court claim filed by the Estate Business Development Company (EMBDC) against me and others.
Remarkably, the EMBDC has now taken court action against 10 entities, including its own employees and contractors. A State-owned company that could not provide one single lot of a land in two years to the former workers of Caroni is now suing 10 persons and entities.
The EMBDC has now spent more than $8 million on audits, legal and consultancy fees in two years. This is a company with no money to pay contractors for work, but has opted to spend millions of dollars to sue me and others.
While this taxpayer-owned company operates in the red, it is now exposed by Attorney General Faris Al Rawi and Minister of Everything Stuart Young to steep legal costs, including damages that could run into millions of dollars. The Court is being used as an umbrella to cover political action. 

Again, hard-pressed taxpayers will have to pay for the malice, spite, and viciousness of the Rowley-led PNM.
This is a blatant continuation of a nasty campaign of political persecution embarked against vocal members of the opposition. Essentially, it is two politicians suing one politician who has exposed their wrongdoing.

Of note is the fact that Al Rawi has not yet acknowledged the under-age children in pictures posing with dangerous high-powered weapons. Nor has he responded to reports of attempts to burglarise the offices and spy on an opposition senator. Young stands accused of instructing a State-owned corporation to pay contractors who had no binding agreement. Young also had no legal authority to give such instruction.
This EMBDC matter has come to the fore in the midst of a private motion on housing, due to be debated this Friday November 24, 2017. At this session of Parliament I intend to raise and locate matters of grave criminal conduct at the feet of the government. These matters include money laundering. I will provide supporting evidence.

I anticipate that as the Rowley-led PNM regime gets more desperate with the Kroll report on “fake oil”, the Sandals scandal after the grand announcement and diplomatic snub from the Chinese, the recent bombshell revelations of mass corruption at EFCL, that they will look for a weapon of mass distraction.
But I will not be cowered and intimidated in what is clearly a desperate act of political persecution. The Rowley regime first started the attack on the opposition and has now moved to civil society, as seen in the obscene and unwarranted arrows pointed at the respected Reginald Dumas.

This incompetent and vindictive PNM government continues to oppress and hound the most vulnerable in society.
I again stress that I will not be silenced. I eagerly await my day in court and, more importantly, my day at the polls, when this wicked and evil regime will be properly dealt with.
No amount of cosmetic make-up, slick dance moves and public relations tomfoolery will be able to save this oppressive and grossly inept regime.

I have retained former Attorney General Anand Ramlogan S.C. and a team of attorneys to handle this matter.

The Civil Suit states:

One thought on “Ramlogan bats for Moonilal in EMBD civil suit

  • November 21, 2017 at 9:45 pm

    If you are in charge of something- a club, an organization, a ministry, a department- and good things happen, then take the praise; and if bad things happen, then take the blame. The buck stops with you always. So Moonilal, the buck stops with you, Sir.


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