SSA firing chaos

35 Strategic Services Agency (SSA) employees terminated last week Wednesday are allegedly set to be reinstated. This comes from insiders at the SSA who are saying there is political interference at the Agency.

Just two days after receiving termination letters 35 SSA employees received calls to attend an arbitration meeting on Monday  20th and Tuesday 21st, November.  

Insiders at the SSA indicated that terminated employees sought redress on the matter from the Office of the Prime Minister and the Office of the AG. This development is said to be putting SSA Director, Colonel George Robinson, in a very delicate and difficult situation. “Imagine firing people one day, and then two days later being told by the PM to re hire people who failed assessment tests? That undermines his (the Director’s) authority and the organization. It also affects the SSA’s reputation”, the source said.

Sources indicated that assessments were undertaken to trim the fat at the SSA and the persons being terminated had failed some aspect of those assessments and needed to be terminated to improve operations at the SSA.

Terminated employees are disputing that they have failed the assessments. Some are challenging the assertion that polygraph tests were administered or that the vetting process took place. Some have complained about Col. Robinson’s leadership and communication style. 

To date, the scheduled arbitration meetings have not occurred. Fired employees have shown up and been made to wait without word from any official.

Thus far the terminated employees have received a cheque that covers the period of November 1st to 15th and one month in lieu as compensation. They are meant to collect ex-gratia payments in mid January, 2018.

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