David vs  Trini White Privilege

Kenneth Rodriguez greets then housing Minister Roodal Moonilal during a tour of the Duncan Street Police Post that he constructed in October 2013.

Last Thursday (Nov 23rd) the protest at Beetham Estate centred around the detention of a self described “community leader” and contractor Kenneth “Spanish” Rodriguez. Rodriguez’s detention led to the blocking of streets and assaults on trapped motorists that led to inevitable calls for residents of Beetham to be placed behind walls, bombed, caged, exterminated and purged. 

Contempt for communities like Beetham Estate are deep seated and the community is historically dispossessed. Lack of access to resources like property ownership, adequate education, jobs that pay over minimum wage and other social safety nets has led to the development of a criminal community within a residential community while perpetuating the vicious cycle of poverty.

In a FB post today, David Muhummad sought to point out the irony of Trinidadian society’s contempt for crime lords and communities like Beetham Estate, while a different rule applies for a different class of criminals in wealthier communities.

He cited an interview he overheard on 104.7 FM:

Maybe one day wealthy and influencial criminals will be detained and questioned with the same regularity as those from Beetham.

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