Robbery on Piarco tarmac

Police are currently on the ground at the Piarco airport where a robbery is said to have occurred on the tarmac as cargo was being loaded onto a plane said to be heading to Tobago.

Security officials speaking to #NEWSauce said the three men believed to be involved in the robbery wore camouflage clothing and may have had official airport access. The men drove a vehicle onto the tarmac, exited the vehicle, forced ground staff to lie on the tarmac while they plundered the cargo hold where the cash was stowed. The cash is believed to be for commercial banks in Tobago.

When reached for comment, senior organised crime officials offered the following:

” Investigators would have to utilise their intel platform and track back to detect the movement of the SUV to and from the crime scene.

Conduct intensifed questioning and surv of the acess points in and around the area, extend the arms of investigative policing to all who would’ve had access of the Armoured vehicle movement instructions, and seize the phones of all, including cargo agents, handlers and personnel associated with the vehicle.

There would definitely have been a vehicle transfer, to and from the crime scene, brand and sales looking panel vans would be a ‘fit in” choice of vehicle that would minimise suspicion. A probing investigative approach and interrogation should be executed within the company, inclusive of those positioned at the destination point of the intended cargo.

A historic review of the human and vehicle  traffic of the compound as far back as 2 weeks would show facial recognition or frequency, indicative of staging and scouting.

Research crimes of a similar nature to see whether there is a commonality or pattern of movement. Therefore a scientific approach should be adopted, to detect such patterns or ‘footprints’.

Because it was the airport, because its in an ‘international’ zone, law enforcement should not dismiss engaging the assistance of foreign counterparts in the investigation.”

#NEWSauce will update as details unfold and become available.

One thought on “Robbery on Piarco tarmac

  • December 6, 2017 at 2:39 pm

    very disturbing wrt implications for travellers / airlines who assume that the tarmac of an international airport is a very safe space… when you think of the intense scrutiny passengers and luggage are required to undergo before boarding.


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