CJ and LATT are pen pals again

The last 24 hours have seen a flurry of letters being exchanged between the Chief Justice and the Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago.

An investigation into the CJ’s conduct in office is still underway and the LATT is yet to submit its report which is overdue by at least a month.

Sources close to Dillian Johnson, a man central to the raising of allegations of improper conduct conduct, have indicated to #NEWSauce that the Law Association is yet to reach out to Johnson for his version of events. These sources say that Johnson believes the Law Association’s investigation cannot possibly be completed without his witness statements and that he is wondering why no effort has been made to contact him through his attorney.

Johnson is reported to have fled to the United Kingdom in early 2018 over death threats made on his life following a shooting in late 2017.

The CJ’s lawyers have addressed two main points in their PaPL: that according to Section 137 the LATT has no responsibility for investigating the CJ and that in light of their motion of no confidence against him in 2017 their investigation is in fact prejudiced.

The LATT has countered saying that as a public official he is subject to investigation and their prior motion has no bearing on the investigation.

The legal exchange is as follows:

The LATT response is as follows:

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